Friday, April 29, 2016

Project 4 Reflection

By farrrrr the most fun. Based off of a similar Youtube video, I proceeded to pounce, drum, and thrust my head into a tote dinner table. The different animals that I chose to immitate on how they eat challenged me in terms of the various levels of energy I chose to exert. Whereas immitating a rhino required me to full on ram my head and entire body into the table, immitating a sloth required much less force and energy and instead allowed me to convey time as it was. Having Lily dressed the way she was and having her writing on the board was a plus. It reminded me, and some of the audice, of a gameshow but without the host actually needing to speak. It just added to the aesthetics of the comedy in my opinion. Simultaneously, Gen sitting and eating her salad while completely unphased added more to the performance and the reaction of laughter generated within the audience. Loved this one. And I even got a couple of spinage leaves out of it!

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