Monday, May 2, 2016

Project 5 Reflection: We Are The Canvas

Honestly, me and Gen fuckin killed it. I really thought that we were about to get butt ass naked after we introduced the idea of pointy pointy stab stab--> aka a knife. I was really surprised by Benjamin and Viviana's opposite reactions compared to the rest of the class, and that was either not participating or helping the chaotic circumstance edged on by the rest of our comedic savage class el oh el. Personally, I enjoyed the canvas aspect and how Gen and I were not necessarily the audience's objects, but more-so their potential masterpiece. It was quite fun emulating previous artists that had done similar work, both in a formal and informal manner. The social experiment was my favorite part. It was interesting as a psychology major to see the mindset of the class and how they were going to interact with us given the supplied materials. I thought this performance was dope, and I'm glad we entertained the idea.  

Friday, April 29, 2016

Project 4 Reflection

By farrrrr the most fun. Based off of a similar Youtube video, I proceeded to pounce, drum, and thrust my head into a tote dinner table. The different animals that I chose to immitate on how they eat challenged me in terms of the various levels of energy I chose to exert. Whereas immitating a rhino required me to full on ram my head and entire body into the table, immitating a sloth required much less force and energy and instead allowed me to convey time as it was. Having Lily dressed the way she was and having her writing on the board was a plus. It reminded me, and some of the audice, of a gameshow but without the host actually needing to speak. It just added to the aesthetics of the comedy in my opinion. Simultaneously, Gen sitting and eating her salad while completely unphased added more to the performance and the reaction of laughter generated within the audience. Loved this one. And I even got a couple of spinage leaves out of it!

Project 3 Reflection

By far one of my favorites. This was definately the most conceptual and the most layered performance I/we've done in class so far. I enjoyed the symbolisms of how messy, long but quick, and informal sex can be at times. That's why we thought it as appropriate to wear formal apparell, that way we could sploosh all over it with priminal and urgent lust. I didn't even have to take my shirt off because it was so urgent to sploosh whipped cream all over the place. I'm glad we found the white, rectangular pillar the set the condoms on. It added another layer of traditional forms of art and, thus, we could sploosh on that too. The lighting, setting of contrast of black and whites, and the action itself made this performance one of my favorites. I couldn't have done it without Gen, and am very glad to have had a partner willing to commit as much as I thought myself to have done.

Project 2 Reflection

Although this is my least favorite performance, I rather enjoyed dumping my hand into a bucket of slimy, sticky, clumpy, half thinned clay. Although the audience commented on how different it was from the seeds and wine being poured in terms that they could not hear it hit the table, I for one did hear it. It was quite the mud-like, poopy sound. I felt like through these simple acts of pouring out various matterials, we were able to depict the body as a tool, a medium so to speak, in which the matterials could be poured with. The elevated height gave another interesting element to the piece, shadows. Whereas we could have done the performce standing on the ground, the shadows as well as the unique  sounds from hitting the table would have been eliminated. Overall, it was a fun and simple experience, but this unfortunately was my least favorite performance.

Performance 4: How Animals Eat Their Food


All Performers maintain silence throughout
Gen and Ben in all black, Lily wearing big coat (kind of like a hostess)
Audience enters....plucky music is playing
Lily is the server, and writes the animal name on the board (there is a list of 10 or so)
Lily sets the table after everyone is sitting
One bowl for Gen and one for Ben
Ben goes away from the set table
Gen sits there eating her salad
Ben approaches the table using mannerisms of the animal indicated along with noises as well
Table is reset
Table cloth replaced, bowls replaced
The list is completed
The music stops
All performers bow

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Project 2: Drip [Lily, Gen, Ben]


Moderately dark room, lights front and center

Everyone stands on stool facing audience

Person 1 has clay silt
Person 2 has wine
Person 3 has seeds

3 cups in front

Begins to drip

Until all containers are empty

Everyone looks straight ahead


Project 3....Sploosh

Heavy breathing throughout 
Black sheet in the middle of the room and central light

Performers wear all black, audience enters room and they begin to breathe heavily, all lights are off
once audience is seated lights are turned on by someone else
Both performers make their way to the black sheet in the middle
make eye contact for a second
then strip down to underwear
the female lies down
the male starts blowing up condoms and filling them with whip cream
hands to female to tie
she places them aside
both make sporadic moaning noises throughout
once the can of whip cream is gone, the bottle is thrown aside
a knife is pulled out and the blown up condoms are popped over the female
ends when all condoms are popped
female leaves stage

Monday, April 18, 2016

Project Uno's Scorrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee

Ben, Genevieve, and Lily

Score: 4/13 2:06pm

Moderately dark room

Person 1 lays down on the table
Person 2 and Person 3 carry out their own personal objects
     Light source on
  Mouth motion beings
Every 5-10 seconds change position
Changes in velocity and tempo
As paste dissolves refill as needed
    Still in silence, listen close
Spit and drip onto Person 1  as necessary
  Person 1 is silent

Use the entire roll of tooth paste
  • Both grabs the mouthwash gargles and spits on Person 1

Person 1 turns head towards audience and opens mouth
     returns from stoic state and water comes out

Person 2 turns off light source

Spit Isn't Really All That Bad

Only being discussed about, our performance involving Lily and Gen and myself and the toothpaste came to be a complete shock. We talked about something people do everyday and said, "Let's amp this up to a level of complete absurdity". It was not difficult to be spat on. The hardest part was keeping a stoic composure since, well, I was a sink and let's face it, when was the last time you saw your sink smile or laugh. I think it turned out to be quite a success. Our performance was able to draw out emotions of discomfort, yet humor at the same time. It is always interesting to see two opposite feelings coming out at the same time, wouldn't you agree? Our goal was to incorporate multiple aspects of performance art. Whereas Lily and Gen were the ones acting out a scenario, I was using my body as the convas in the piece. These aspects combined with the exaggeration of the act itself was also meant to be achieved, and it was intentional to make all of these strategies merge cohesively. I personally enjoyed the unual experience of having others' minty saliva flow all over my chest like a overflowing bathtub, just much grosser.  

Saturday, April 16, 2016