Monday, April 18, 2016

Spit Isn't Really All That Bad

Only being discussed about, our performance involving Lily and Gen and myself and the toothpaste came to be a complete shock. We talked about something people do everyday and said, "Let's amp this up to a level of complete absurdity". It was not difficult to be spat on. The hardest part was keeping a stoic composure since, well, I was a sink and let's face it, when was the last time you saw your sink smile or laugh. I think it turned out to be quite a success. Our performance was able to draw out emotions of discomfort, yet humor at the same time. It is always interesting to see two opposite feelings coming out at the same time, wouldn't you agree? Our goal was to incorporate multiple aspects of performance art. Whereas Lily and Gen were the ones acting out a scenario, I was using my body as the convas in the piece. These aspects combined with the exaggeration of the act itself was also meant to be achieved, and it was intentional to make all of these strategies merge cohesively. I personally enjoyed the unual experience of having others' minty saliva flow all over my chest like a overflowing bathtub, just much grosser.  

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