Monday, April 18, 2016

Project Uno's Scorrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee

Ben, Genevieve, and Lily

Score: 4/13 2:06pm

Moderately dark room

Person 1 lays down on the table
Person 2 and Person 3 carry out their own personal objects
     Light source on
  Mouth motion beings
Every 5-10 seconds change position
Changes in velocity and tempo
As paste dissolves refill as needed
    Still in silence, listen close
Spit and drip onto Person 1  as necessary
  Person 1 is silent

Use the entire roll of tooth paste
  • Both grabs the mouthwash gargles and spits on Person 1

Person 1 turns head towards audience and opens mouth
     returns from stoic state and water comes out

Person 2 turns off light source

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