Monday, May 2, 2016

Project 5 Reflection: We Are The Canvas

Honestly, me and Gen fuckin killed it. I really thought that we were about to get butt ass naked after we introduced the idea of pointy pointy stab stab--> aka a knife. I was really surprised by Benjamin and Viviana's opposite reactions compared to the rest of the class, and that was either not participating or helping the chaotic circumstance edged on by the rest of our comedic savage class el oh el. Personally, I enjoyed the canvas aspect and how Gen and I were not necessarily the audience's objects, but more-so their potential masterpiece. It was quite fun emulating previous artists that had done similar work, both in a formal and informal manner. The social experiment was my favorite part. It was interesting as a psychology major to see the mindset of the class and how they were going to interact with us given the supplied materials. I thought this performance was dope, and I'm glad we entertained the idea.  

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