Friday, April 29, 2016

Project 2 Reflection

Although this is my least favorite performance, I rather enjoyed dumping my hand into a bucket of slimy, sticky, clumpy, half thinned clay. Although the audience commented on how different it was from the seeds and wine being poured in terms that they could not hear it hit the table, I for one did hear it. It was quite the mud-like, poopy sound. I felt like through these simple acts of pouring out various matterials, we were able to depict the body as a tool, a medium so to speak, in which the matterials could be poured with. The elevated height gave another interesting element to the piece, shadows. Whereas we could have done the performce standing on the ground, the shadows as well as the unique  sounds from hitting the table would have been eliminated. Overall, it was a fun and simple experience, but this unfortunately was my least favorite performance.

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